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About Susan 

Susan Kathleen has 40 years of experience in many Holistic Practices, is a Reiki Master, Energetics Healer, Transformational Speaker, Certified Life Mastery Consultant, & Hypnotherapist. She works in the fields of quantum & metaphysics using the Law of Attraction & other methods in the quantum field. Formally trained as an educator, Susan has worked with Royal Families to the poorest children in African villages. Her reflective writing program Write 2get Right is designed to help those recovering from the trauma of
abuse & heal through reflective journaling & meditation.

My #1 Best Selling book

This ground breaking work Is a self-discovery book for people who desperately want to help themselves understand how to overcome the Fear of being a victim and suspect their antagonist to be a Narcissist…
  • Narcissists cut a daredevil persona through the world
  • Drawing in their targets like moths to a flame.
  • At one end of the spectrum is the charismatic leader oozing charm whose only apparent vice is his or her inflated ego. 

Book readers reviews

Susan' s book is a departure from run-of-the-mill clinical analysis. Although she is certainly well versed in the clinical aspects of narcissism, her personal narrative offers readers insight into the "inner life" of a narcissistic partner. I heartily recommend the book.

Wayne Jordan

This extraordinary book by Susan  highlights the very subtle systematic abuse that a Narcissist does to keep their victim ‘locked in their own person hell’ whilst the world is oblivious to what they are doing. In fact, that they may even unknowingly be colluding in the the victims perpetual incarceration.

Sherine Lovegrove

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